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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org- What’s the Difference?

In this guide, we're going to investigate the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org including depth analysis and will figure out what separates each WordPress platform.

wordpress-com-vs-wordpress-org- what's the difference
Difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. Source: Shutterstock

If you don’t know or are confused between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. And want to know in-depth about these two versions of wordpress. Then read to the end to know everything about wordpress.com vs wordpress.org.

But first, let me reveal that these two versions of wordpress are different. 

Usually, newbies get confused about wordpress.com and wordpress.org, and as a consequence of which they make inappropriate decisions. So we figured out the difference conceptually to help you understand in detail. And you can pick the best platform for your needs. To understand in detail what’s the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org you should stick to this article to the end. 

Learn more, in case you don’t know What is WordPress?

Well, It is the conventional concern of people, that they will have Confusion to distinguish. And due to this fact, we are going to first discrete the two platforms separately.

What is WordPress.com?

build a wordpress website
Build a WordPress-based website: wordpress.com

WordPress.com is a web-based platform the place you can begin creating your blog for free. Not only you can build a website for free in addition to this you can also start publishing content on your site same as Tumblr, and blogger platforms do. Although, the main thing is wordpress.com isn’t needed external hosting while it is a blog hosting service provider. And it takes care of your site’s security, updates, maintenance. All that you require is to just sign up for your free account and start building a professional website immediately using the best professional themes for your site.

At wordpress.com, the most effective function is you would not have to obtain or set up the plugins or software program or pay for domain name and hosting. Even if it’s a blog hosting service provider which run by a company called Automattic but it is bounded with several limitations.

What is WordPress.org?

build a wordpress-based website
Build a WordPress-based website: wordpress.org

WordPress.org is a self-hosted and open-source software that you can download and install onto your web server. Although the WordPress software program is free it’s worthwhile to spend money to buy web hosting. With this, you also can handle everything yourself from the website hosting to maintenance. From site hosting to website performance, speed, and overall aspects of your website are all of your responsibility and mostly depends on the type of hosting you use. In addition to this, you can use custom themes, plugins and can customize every single element the way you want.

What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

Both wordpress.com and wordpress.org are fundamentally different but they are both used for creating wordpress based websites. However, there are some major differences between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org. Here’s the comparison listed below to know all the major points related to customization, features, etc which make them function differently.  

It is a profit-hosted blogging service.It is a self-hosted platform.
The basic version of wordpress.com is free with limited storage also to get extra features, the paid version is available to upgrade your account.In the case of wordpress.org to have your website online you need to pay for your hosting and domain name. 
You can use any free premium wordpress themes at wordpress.com but you cannot upload or use custom themes.You are just free to use any free premium or third-party wordpress themes at wordpress.org and customize them as you wish.
Limited to use only built-in plugins and not able to upload any external or third-party plugins.Not limited to use built-in plugins, here you can upload & use any plugins to add more features to your website.
Do not have to worry about site backups and updates. WordPress.com will take care of this.You are responsible for your site updates, backups, spam control and also you can take the help of third-party hosting, security services.
WordPress.com provides you a free subdomain (like sitename.wordpress.com) and if you want a custom domain then you need to upgrade to a paid plan.If you need to get a custom domain for yourself then you may need to pay an additional charge and that too depends on the hosting provider.
You do not have very much control over your site SEO.You can install SEO plugins also third-party plugins tools and can manage to make your site SEO optimized which makes your site rank higher in search engines result in the page.
WordPress.com has full rights to display ads on your site and you have no control over wordpress ads. You also can not able to sell ads on your site. If you want an ads-free site then you need to upgrade your free account to a premium plan. 
Whereas you have complete control over ads. Also, you can make money by running ads, banners, affiliate links without restrictions.
Difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

From the above comparison, we have figured out that wordpress.org is meant for those who want to have full control over their site with all the features unlocked. Similarly, wordpress.com is meant for those who want to build their sites, personal blogs, and with no other business aim.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org- What’s the best?

Depending on your needs both wordpress.com and wordpress.org can be the best platform to make use of. It’s most onerous to differentiate and say which one suits you the best until and unless you know your needs and requirements. However, wordpress is the best platform to build any type of business and professional site. 

Along with this, let’s examine which platform best fits impeccably for whom. 

So, let’s first discuss why to choose WordPress?

As we have discussed above wordpress.com is a profit-hosted blogging service and it’s perfect for creating a website if you are a beginner. In that case, you do not have to worry about wordpress installation, maintenance, backups, and updates as it all takes care of wordpress.com itself. Although there are some limitation such as,

  • You cannot add any external plugins or features for customizing your site.
  • Only able to use wordpress.com themes.
  • It does not allow you to sell ads but wordpress.com has the rights to display their ads on your site.  

Similarly, wordpress.org is a self-hosted platform and it offers full freedom and you possibly can make a website of your choice from scratch. As it’s a paid platform where you can take advantage of uploading and installing any free premium wordpress themes, plugins and design the website as you wish. Also, there are some limitations that you need to know before choosing wordpress.org,

  • You need to pay for hosting and domain name.
  • As you are the whole and sole here hence you are responsible for everything such as backups, updates, maintenance, etc. 

As should be obvious, the site-building process is distinctive depending on who you pick. On figuring out, both the .org and .com have fantastic techniques to make a site but after all, it’s on you who you choose.


Q. Is wordpress.org free?

Absolutely! It’s a free platform. Despite being free, you need to buy a domain name and hosting separately. If compare with wordpress.org vs wordpress.com, wordpress.org has more customizing options, and it’s free to use any responsive wordpress themes and plugins.

Q. What is the difference between .com and .org?

As .com stands for commercial and so it’s used for commercial websites and intended for businesses. Whereas .org stands for the organization and it represents, used for charities and non-profit organizations.

Q. Can I transfer my wordpress.com to wordpress.org?

Of course, you can. To import wordpress.com content to wordpress.org you first need to login to your newly installed wordpress. Then go to Tools  > Import pages and click install now.

Q. Does WordPress cost money?

WordPress is free and anyone can download, edit, use, customize but to use you need to get wordpress hosting. 

Q. What does WordPress do?

It’s a software which used to make webpages and also to build a website and maintain. It is also used to store the content and helps users to create and publish webpages without requiring anything but a domain and hosting service.

Q. Is WordPress com and WordPress.org the same company?

As the name “wordpress” is similar for both the platforms but they both are not related. WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform and it offers you full freedom to customize your site whereas wordpress.com is profit hosted platform and it does not offer you the freedom to modify.

Q. Should I use WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Depends. If you are a blogger and want to earn or make money from your site then wordpress.org is the best. Similarly, if you don’t care about making money from your site then you can go for wordpress.com.

Q. Why is WordPress.com more secure than WordPress.org?

The two of them have their security characteristics. If you are a beginner and you simply need to have a site then wordpress.com is regularly safer. And if you are an expert and have sufficient cash and time, wordpress.org is often more secure.

Q. What is WordPress.org used for?

It’s a platform where you get the free wordpress software that will help you create a website on your web server, download, and install it. WordPress.org helps you host your blog or website.


As you can see both wordpress.com and wordpress.org have their pros and cons, limitations. If you want to create a website quickly without too much effort, wordpress.com is the best and if you want the freedom to build your site then wordpress.org is the best. Truly it depends on what you expect, what is your budget, and what sort of website you want to launch. 

At last, you’ll be on the way to picking the right platform for your site after you examine your objectives, level of freedom to customize the website, and most importantly your budget.

We hope there’s no longer any confusion about these two platforms and hope you found this article helpful in understanding the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

Let us also know in the comment section below which wordpress platform are you gonna use. In addition to this, if you have any other questions related to wordpress.com vs wordpress.org comment down below, we’ll try to help you out. 

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