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Amazing Difference between Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

Learn more about the wordpress themes and differences to avoid confusion when choosing the free and premium Wordpress themes.

Amazing difference between Free vs Premium WordPress Themes
Difference between free Vs premium wordpress themes. Source: Canva

Choosing a WordPress theme has always been a task. This usually happens when in the market there are so many amazing free vs premium WordPress themes available. Free WordPress themes have limited features with no or limited support. Whereas Premium WordPress themes have a lot of features with quick support.

Generally, new bloggers divert towards opting for the best WordPress free themes for running a blog. Although free wp themes come with limited features. Most WordPress bloggers choose to have a free tool. Whereas premium tools tend to have rich features, responsiveness, and a higher level of quality.

Now, having confused about Which WordPress theme to choose from?

Lets make it simple for you to understand the actual difference between free vs premium WordPress themes.

What is the difference between free and premium WordPress themes?

To avoid confusion between WordPress free vs paid themes you should know some amazing differences between Free and Premium WordPress themes.

Free WordPress Theme Premium WordPress Theme 
They are absolutely free.As with premium themes you have to buy themes according to the price.
Themes downloading option is directly available in your WordPress dashboard or WordPress theme directory. Themes can be downloaded from theme shops and the marketplace.
Free themes are appropriate with a lot of plugins.Premium themes are compatible with superior plugins.
Themes that are downloaded from the official WordPress website will likely go under the official review process.Compared to Free WordPress themes, there is no such review process is there as it is being downloaded directly.
Usually, Free WordPress themes do not come with a supporting facility.Premium WordPress themes generally come with a full theme support facility.
Updating WordPress or install a new version can’t be done because it will break your already installed theme. As with premium themes, no such issues come but required to update regularly.
Usually, fewer WordPress blog customization options are available. If you have knowledge of coding then you can customize it as per your requirements.   Have more customization options available and can extend your website functionality by third-party integrations.
Generally, free WordPress themes have minimum features compared to Premium WordPress themes.Premium wp themes come with various rich features which is an added advantage.
Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress free vs paid? Which one to choose?

When it comes to choosing it is totally depending on you. As such, there is no best option for choosing a theme. In addition to this pick, wordpress free vs paid themes according to you. If you are likely to spend money then buy a WordPress themes premium service or else go for the best free responsive wordpress themes.

You may be Wondering, how to use premium WordPress themes for free?

You can build a website like a pro by using the best free WordPress themes. Furthermore, you just need to use wordpress.org which has free WordPress themes. It also offers you all the support & flexibility and allows you to add themes and plugins to your site.


How would I pick a theme for my website?

  • First, figure out what type of website you want to build
  • Be patient, find wordpress free vs paid themes for your business website, and then
  • Look for features, templates, and customization options 
  • Choose the best responsive WordPress theme
  • Know your Customer support facility 
  • Try for SEO friendly templates

Is wordpress premium worth it?

Yes, a good premium theme offers you so much freedom. With the premium features, it’s easy to create many variations and test them as you wish. Once you are done using all features you require, it’s easier for your website to stand out. 

Where would I be able to get free WordPress themes?

  • Step1: Login to WordPress
  • Step2: Then select “Choose appearance”
  • Step3: Select “Themes” and then
  • Step4: Click “Add new”

Where can I buy premium WordPress themes?

  • Sonic theme 
  • Themeforest 
  • Themify
  • Mythemeshop
  • Themefuse
  • Studio Press
  • Elegant Themes
  • Woo Themes
  • iThemes
  • MOJO Themes

How to choose a WordPress theme?

  • Know your purpose. 
  • Then search for the theme that reflects your business.
  • Then Choose a budget theme.
  • Along with this budget theme also check for responsive design.
  • Look for the best wordpress theme that works with the best page builder wordpress and moreover, it should be easy to customize and use.
  • Make sure there should be regular updates for the wordpress theme.
  • Also, check for the support facility.

What are premium wordpress themes?

Premium wordpress themes are the themes that have been designed by experts. These themes are the paid wordpress themes that generally included many advanced features and functionality.

How many free wordpress themes are there?

It has to be a high number. If we consider ThemeForest then there are more than 11,000 wordpress themes and the wordpress site itself has more than 8000 wordpress themes. 

How to use premium wordpress themes?

To make use of premium WordPress theme you need to:

  • Choose the wordpress theme from sonicthemes.com.
  • Then purchase and download the wordpress theme
  • Unzip the zip file of a wordpress theme and then
  • Login to your wordpress dashboard > then go to appearance > select themes and add new.
  • Then upload the unzipped file.
  • Now click on install and activate and then you can be able to customize the theme as you want.

Should I buy WordPress premium?

It depends. In addition to this, there are thousands of Site to download premium wordpress themes for free which you can use it the way you want. According to your requirement pick the service. 


It is important to make an informed decision. After going through the above difference now you have an idea about which wordpress theme to choose. Pick the best WordPress themes as per your need and not because everybody says to go for premium service. Consider the following points to choose WordPress free vs paid service:

What is your website requirement?

Do you need to have numerous rich features and customization options?

Can you remedy the problem by yourself or want a support facility?

Get a clear idea in your mind and you’ll get the solution to the type of theme you need to have. According to your requirement, pick service.

Share your thoughts on free vs premium WordPress themes. Let us also know which theme do you use and mention it in the comment box below.

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