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Easy Methods to Build a Website From Scratch 2021

Before you start creating your website, read these helpful key points and easy methods to build a website from scratch.

Easy Methods to Build a Website From Scratch 2021
Simple steps to build a website from scratch. Source: Shutterstock

In this modern era creating a wordpress website is not at all a difficult task. Many tools are there in the market & you can learn how to build a website from scratch with easy methods. WordPress is an added advantage for the best and a perfect one to create a website without coding.

With the help of WordPress, you’ll be able to create a website for free. Even if you are amongst the beginners then do not worry. Its simple interface and easy-to-handle features will always stick in your mind. Here we have explained each and every step from selecting a domain name to creating a wordpress website.

Now you might get a query, how to create a website? 

Well, do not get frightened I’ll guide you on each and every step you go for. 

Before making a website with WordPress, things you should know

The first step is to find and select a domain name that reflects or says little about your business.

Then comes Website hosting, which lets you preserve your information on-site and make the site online and visual. Once you discovered a domain name and got a website hosting then you can create your own website. Installing WordPress doesn’t take much time and once it’s done you’re ready to make use of it.

Once you read this blog you will get to know everything from setting up to making live changes on your website. And as discussed above two steps so here comes the next essential step i.e WordPress. WordPress, which is a simple, easy, and one-click process for creating a website on wordpress. Many other sites commonly use WordPress to create and operate their site similarly you can build your own website with wordpress. As its functions are easy and easy interfaces make everything simple for many to recommend.

How to Make a Website (Step-by-Step Process)

Step 1: Know the reason behind making a website

know your goal for creating a website for your business. Source: freepik

Want to create a website for your personal blog or for your client? Or Want to take your business online?

More or less you can make your own website but before that, you should know your goal for creating a website for your business. The effects majorly observed when you have a good and shorter name for your domain. A domain name may make people think and visualize the type of website you have.

Step 2: Find & Buy the Domain Name and Choose the Website Hosting

Once you are clear with what type of website you want to make. Then, find a domain name for your website that should indicate your business, blog, or any preferable website you create. 

Now if you are a beginner and probably don’t know What is a domain name? Then domain name is basically the web address of your website.

Finding a domain name is most likely the fascinating activity you’ll perform. But you should also keep in mind that the domain name should be shorter, attractive, easy to remember, and catchy.

How to buy the domain name?

Now there are a number of domain name registration sites available on the market. We’ll guide you on how to buy a domain name and register.

Let’s take GoDaddy for you to show you the process.

The first thing you need is, check whether the domain name you picked is available or not. If it’s available then do not have to worry but if it is available then you have to go for another one.

Search for the perfect website address for your business. Source: GoDaddy

When you search in a search bar similar name suggestions it shows. Pick one of them or research it again for a unique name.

Multiple name suggestions related to your domain name. Source: GoDaddy

On searching, if you find a domain name just click on the Add to Cart button.

Some alternative plans for your domain name. Source: GoDaddy

Now, the product you have added to the cart is ready for checkout.

Product added to cart is ready for checkout. Source: GoDaddy

Once you have clicked on the checkout and confirm the order then the further billing information you need to fill and make a payment.

What is website hosting? And why it is important.

When you decide to create your own blog or website, you need to search for a website hosting provider. 

With the help of website hosting, you are eligible to access your website via the world wide web. Website hosting takes care of everything from getting the site live to store data. It also deals with taking care of the site’s speed, security, website development, and performance.

There are multiple hosting providers available in the market so choose wisely amongst them. Different website hosting providers have different monthly and yearly plans.

Let’s take the GoDaddy Hosting plans.

Website hosting plans. Source: GoDaddy

There are multiple hosting plans and every different deck has various plans. But specifically, every deck comes with Free CDN, SSL certificate, dedicated IP, Free Domain for 1 year.

As hosting is directly proportional to site speed and performance. Choose the website hosting provider and make an affordable deal when purchasing hosting.

Step 3: Install WordPress on Your Web Hosting Account

It’s the major step for you to install wordpress on your hosting account. Here, we’ll show you the process with Godaddy. 

  • Go to godaddy.com and you need to log in to your account.
  • You need to click on Website Hosting
  • Click on Manage
  • Then, Click Admin
  • Go to Web Applications and click WordPress
  • Click Install WordPress custom
  • Then choose or Click a domain name
  • To install WordPress go to the directory
  • Click “Install Now”

Then just after the installation go to your WordPress login page.

Login page for WordPress. Source: WordPress

It’s time to log in to your wp-admin. Enter the wp-login credentials and click login and your site is ready to view.

Step 4: Choose a WordPress Theme for your website

Want to make your website look more amazing? then, it is the best time to give a new skin to your wordpress website and start designing.

For that, you need to choose the wordpress theme and you can customize it the way you want. Selecting wordpress themes is the pre-task that is required. When considering it you would know how your sites are gonna look like. 

With wordpress themes, you can customize everything you want, and that too with or without coding. There are many free premium wordpress themes available. 

Let’s take an example, Sonic Saas is a wordpress theme for the business site. On using the theme your site will look like this.

Build your website by using best WordPress theme. Source: Sonic Theme

How to Choose a Superb WordPress theme in 2021?

When choosing a wordpress theme, you should consider some important key factors:

  1. Make sure to select a theme that is neat and systematic, as the site’s look totally depends on the theme you choose.
  2. Theme responsiveness
  3. Compatibility, Check whether the theme is compatible with the latest version or not? and also with popular plugins.
  4. Check the support facility before you pick the theme.
Searching for WordPress Themes from inside your WordPress Dashboard. Source: WordPress

As many theme providers provide an option “Live Preview” make sure to check everything you need on your site. You would get to know your site’s outlook. Once you’re ready click “Activate Theme” to install.

Step 5: Add Popular Plugins to Your WordPress Site

Adding some plugins will enhance the performance of your website. Plugins have been probably the most used features without knowing any coding. Likely you’ll be desirous about how to design a website? Using the WordPress most popular plugins you can figure out everything from setting up to customizing and including various features to it.

Search for WordPress Plugins from the Dashboard. Source: WordPress

In addition to it, Akismet and Jetpack are included along with your wordpress blog. Moreover, you can use multiple free premium wordpress plugins. You can use plugins from wordpress and as well as manually you can add and upload it. Here’s a list of the best wordpress plugins:

  • Akismet: It’s best for anti-spam protection that protects from spam comments and spam in the contact form.
  • Yoast SEO: The most popular wordpress plugin for on-page SEO. It helps your site to be found on google when searchers search for similar products, services, or content.
  • WooCommerce: The most popular plugin for eCommerce. With this, you can easily twirl your website into an online website or eCommerce store.
  • WPForms: A simple and most used plugin to build a clean and professional contact form. 
  • JetPack: The utmost wordpress plugin for malware scan, anti-spam, social search, CDN, Facebook, and Instagram.

Now, you are almost at the stage where you know how to pick, add, and upload plugins. Make sure to use a plugin before installing it. You can check by installation date, last update, and plugin review.

Step 6: Start Creating Your Site Content by Adding Pages and Posts

Now the basic structure of designing, adding plugins, and themes are currently set up. You can immediately start adding your content by adding WordPress pages and posts. 
WordPress Posts are blogs and listed in sequence but in a reverse chronological manner. As the post gets older your most recent posts are at the top. All the content identified with your niche is utilized here as posts and included in the RSS feed. It is a strategy to rank your website on search engines like google and yahoo by adding content.

Start Adding Content by Creating Add New Post. Source: WordPress

WordPress Pages are static and it incorporates the type of content resembling about us, privacy policy, contact us page and etc. Pages organized as a parent web page. Generally, appear in the menu bar for easy access.

Start Adding Content by Creating Add New Page. Source: WordPress

To add posts and pages:

  • Go to the dashboard 
  • Click posts/pages you want to create
  • Click Add New post/Add New page 

Adding content is the most superb activity. When writing content necessary points to remember like it should be readable to the user and informative. Once the content published your site is going to put an impact on the search engine.
Note: Your site is going to place an impression on various search engines depending on users’ search queries. You are required to put content frequently depending on the purpose of your website.

Step 7: Set Your Landing Page and Site Navigation

All after creating and adding posts you are about to set a website landing page. A landing page is known as “Destination Page” which is generally in default, dynamic mode. Depending on your demand you can set it as a static page or else a dynamic page.

If you require a static home page then you have to go to “pages” then click “add new page”. Name your layout. There would be two layouts, already created one or you can create a brand new one, then name your page.

Build your Landing Page by Creating Add New Page. Source: WordPress

Navigating to the top left sidebar “Dashboard” and click customize. Now there are numerous choices to customize the web page, Includes site identity, menus, widgets, homepage settings. An easy way to set your homepage and in addition to this, you can add multiple widgets, header footer settings, etc. You are able to change your preference from static to dynamic.

Easy way to set your homepage by Customizing. Source: WordPress

Well done! You have just created a website.

On continuing with the same, get familiar with all the features, wordpress interface, and etc. And all the above-mentioned steps were most important to build a website from scratch. Keep in mind your site is a mirror image of your brand. Create posts frequently and make necessary changes whenever required.


How do I create a free website from scratch?

To create a website for free you need to:

  • Sign up for a free website builder.
  • Then choose the type of site you want to create.
  • And then customize templates and start building a website from scratch.
  • Use drag and drop features to build a website.
  • Now, start adding content to the site.
  • You can now publish the content and go live to drive traffic to the site.

How much does it cost to build a website from scratch?

Well, it totally depends on your needs. To build a website costs around 200$ and this estimate may vary if you hire a developer or buy premium plugins, templates. Due to this costing may vary from 1000$ to 6000$ per year.

Is it better to build a website from scratch?

Of course. You can build a website from scratch by writing your own code and can create a website completely new and unique (if you don’t have coding knowledge then use wordpress to create a website from scratch).

How to build a business website from scratch?

It is fairly easy to build a business website if you have knowledge of Squarespace and wordpress and if you don’t know to code and still want to build a website using coding then you need to spend a lot of time learning. 

How to create a website free of cost?

It’s very hard to create a website for free of cost, at least you have to buy a domain name and hosting. If you still want to try then use blogger to build a free website.

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