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Core Web Vitals: A Complete Guide – Sonic Themes

We're investigating why Core Web Vitals are so important, the most recent metrics being presented by Google, and how to improve and optimize the pages for these Web Vitals.

core web vitals a complete guide on sonic themes
Core Web Vitals a Complete Guide on Sonic Themes. Source: Shutterstock

While we were paying a lot of attention to site speed, responsiveness, and keyword optimization, Google was focusing on the on-page experience. Due to which they have come out of a modified set of signals called Core Web Vitals. Yet Google has decided, it can happen mostly in May 2021, and a new part of the on-page experience will appear. In this guide, I’ll explain the complete core web vitals update by taking Sonic themes into consideration. Also, will dive deep to know how they can help you optimize your WordPress site.

It’s just like a version with consistent updates that make it better than the previous one to have a good user experience. However, nothing new Google keeps improving the core web vitals to give users a new page experience update towards the web page. 

If you are new to WordPress or running a WordPress site, then stick to this article and keep reading.

What are Core Web Vitals?

Core web vitals are the metrics that google considers to measure the user experience on a website. It’s an update from Google to know what type of page experience visitors get when they visit your website. Web vitals has become the official part of Google policy called “Page Experience update”. These web vitals will help you to rank in a good position on the search engine result page. If your web page is made according to Google’s updates.

So now we have the following factors. That helps us to evaluate the overall quality of a page experience on Google.

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Page speed 
  • Safe-Browsing
  • Visual Stability
  • No intrusive interstitials

As these above factors already were used by many of the websites. You also can build your website using these factors, there is nothing to worry about.

signals for page experience
Search Signals for Page Experience. Source: Google

Another metric being carried out in 2021 by Google to evaluate the convenience of a website, from users’ point of view. They have added factors like mobile-friendly, page speed, usability to measure the on-page SEO experience. Also said, there will be changes in the core web vitals ranking factor once these metrics are applied. The ranking will be as per Google core web vitals 2021.

“Philip Walton from Google added that you don’t have to worry about scoring all three core web vitals for the ranking boost. It’s not the case if you don’t have a good score you lose your ranking. If you maintain your site as per the Google “page experience” update, it will boost your ranking, said Philip Walton”.

Google Core Web Vitals Metrics

To measure these fundamental parts of user’s experience, Google picked three core web vitals performance metrics.

Here are the three current metrics of core web vitals:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
core web vitals metrics
Google Core Web Vitals Metrics. Source: Google

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)- Loading

The first signal being, Largest contentful paint (LCP). The concept is all about the loading time and speed which means how fast does the page load. Google is more curious about your page loading performance which contains site images, videos, and text. Whether a gadget could be a mobile, desktop, or tablet, the largest piece of content is the site loading time. To load the video, image, and text of a page.

Well, if the site is taking more than six seconds to load then the user may step back and can prompt disappointment.

If you have seen anytime particularly when there are high qualities images, and videos, it takes more time to load the page. Google is more focused on this since they understand it’s causing many users to bounce. Google has set the benchmark, if the site loads under 2.5 seconds then it leads to a lower bounce rate and higher rankings. Similarly if taking more than 2.5 seconds to load the site then it leads to an increase in bounce rate and lower rankings. 

Taking an example I’ll show you how you can perform a core web vitals test to check the LCP of your site.

Measuring Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)- Sonic Themes 

Let’s take Domain- Sonic Themes to check the LCP by using Chrome Dev Tools to identify.

To check the performance of your site use the performance tab and click the reload button or hit Ctrl + Shift + E to record the page load and it will show the LCP value.

Make sure to select the device type, below I’ve selected Responsive, you can also select Mobile and also can set the dimensions as per your convenience.

Now, Click “Performace” and the data shows as shown in the image below. 

site  loading speed by chrome dev tools
Measured Site Loading Speed for Sonic Themes by Chrome Dev Tools. Source: Google

Now you can see the HTML elements that are being measured by dev tools. And the Page loading time taken by Sonicthemes is 2.24 Seconds. Now as per the core web vitals test and Google standard score the site is having a fast LCP.

Similarly, Let’s take Sonicthemes “Wordpress Themes” to check the LCP by using GTmetrix.

To check the performance of your site Go to GTmetrix and paste the domain URL of your site. As you can see in the following image.

performance report
Performance Report Measured for Sonic Themes. Source: GTmetrics

The above image screenshot I have taken to show you the latest performance core web vitals report for the wordpress themes. 

Sonic themes “wordpress themes” have an LCP of 1.5 seconds and are now considered as fast LCP. GTmetrix is the tool where you can find everything about the performance of your site like fully loading time, TTFB (time to first byte) and etc.

2. First Input Delay (FID)- Interactivity

Now the second core web vitals of Google is First input delay (FID) and it’s all about measuring the responsiveness of your webpage. The time measured from the user starts interacting with your web page when the browser prepares a page for user information and interaction. And this evaluation is all taken from the user interactive components that the client first clicks. 

Let’s make it simple for you to understand.

Suppose you have a website and you aim to fill out the newsletter subscription form. And now if you have visited the target page and filling out the form. After filling the form you click the submit button, the time taken to open a thank you page is nothing but the First delay input.

Now the most common question, how fast is the page interactive?

Well, it depends on your JavaScript, third-party code. The most frustrating thing happens when you click on something and it doesn’t open quickly and taking time. Therefore we say it as the time delay that’s what it’s measuring and we also call it as first input delay.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)- Visual Stability

The third most thing of the core web vitals test refers to Cumulative layout shift (CLS). CLS measures the web page’s visual stability if there is any unexpected layout shift during a page’s whole life cycle. 

At the time when the site starts loading some of the components (for example, ads, images, videos, fonts, headings) usually take more time to load. During this time the content of the website may keep on continuing ahead of the screen. Because of which clients feel irritating and baffling as a client should click something, and a short time later, the sudden shift happens, and the client unexpectedly clicks something else.

However, Google is more inquisitive to realize the CLS score of a site by measuring. The best CLS score of less than 0.1 offers a good user experience.

How to Test Your Google Core Web Vitals CLS Score with Sonic Themes

The simplest way to measure cumulative layout shift (CLS) score is by using the GTmetrix tool. Simply enter the URL and click analyze button.

web vital report example
Sonic Themes Core Web Vitals Report Example. Source: GTmetrics

In the above figure, you can see the CLS score we got is 0.07 and it is to be considered a good score. Hence this page passes the core web vitals test.

We have tested all three of Google core web vitals and passed the assessment with the required score i.e, LCP- 1.3 seconds, FID- 0 milliseconds, and CLS- 0.07.

Why are Core Web Vitals Important?

Having a site that has fast loading speed can have a better user experience. According to the latest Google core web vitals, it’s important considering the way that they reflect how your site performs for the customers. Taking everything into account, it’s not simply limited to the faster loading of a site but to how quickly users can truly use it.

On contemplating the core web vitals latest update it’s required to make your site accordingly. Though there is fast loading of a website if in case poor user experience occurs that can cause you in having less conversion rate, fewer page visitors, and more. Else improve your web pages as per core web vitals that can help you cure.

The most common factor in google’s core wb vitals is website rankings. Google is more focused on knowing the things like user experience for websites, loading speed, and more therefore it’s important in SEO rankings. As well as with this the latest update of Google has mentioned that they will update the search algorithm in May 2021. This update would be the most important core web vitals ranking factor. 

Furthermore, if you want to have a better users experience on your website and want to be ahead of the competitors you must improve and optimize your web pages for the core web vitals.

Optimized WordPress Themes for Google Core Web Vitals

Above We have tested and tried to show you the top optimized Sonic themes, Best WordPress Themes to discover the themes. The themes that best help you to build and create your site with doing on Google core web vitals metrics.

The following is the list of top optimized WordPress themes to make your site blazing quick.

  • Sonic Travel
  • Sonic Wedding
  • Sonic Yoga
  • Sonic Restaurant
  • Sonic Online Store
  • Sonic One Product
  • Sonic Hotel
  • Sonic Construction
  • Sonic Charity
  • Sonic Business
  • Sonic Saas
  • Sonic Gym 
  • Sonic Kids

WordPress themes plays important role in website speed and it’s the best CMS that lets you manage your website content. And as it’s not enough to only have the fastest WordPress theme for your site. As well as with WordPress themes you should also optimize images, get the best wordpress hosting, and more. Therefore Sonic themes, WordPress themes are the best if you want to build your wordpress website as these themes have best optimized for Google core web vitals.

How to Improve Core Web Vitals

To improve your core web vitals score there is a need to utilize some fundamental tips that will assist you with getting a good web vital score. Along these lines, we give you the four significant steps to make your site is in accordance with this algorithm update.

  • Reduce the impact of third-party code– Third-party code can slow down the performance of your site. So to overcome this attempt to load third-party code after your page has principally got done with stacking.
  • Optimize and Reduce Javascript execution time- To reduce the Javascript execution time remove unused code, and implement code splitting i.e required code will flow as per user needs.
  • Reduce main-thread work- To reduce the main-thread work, cut the complexity of your styles, layouts and adhere to the PRPL pattern i.e make web pages load faster.
  • Reduce request counts and large resources- High request counts can have a negative impact on your site performance therefore keep your request counts low and transfer sizes small audit.

Each of these above tips can help you to control the flow in a different manner and also will help you to have a site according to the core web vitals. Make use of each one of these and it helps you to boost your search engine rankings.

Final Thoughts on Core Web Vitals

When it comes to the core web vitals ranking factors, the user experience will play a vital role. With the same, if we want to beat out our competitors, then we need to optimize our site according to google core web vitals. While On-page experience should remain one of your top priorities, Google pays a lot more attention to this. The above all factors we discussed are important to have a good user experience on your website. Google core web vitals has become an important part and we just can’t ignore it. 

Hope you like this article! 

Let us know if this guide helps you in optimizing your WordPress site for the Core Web Vitals.

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